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Our Products


Savor the flavor of this fine Mexican vanilla extract. Enjoy its delicious fragrance in cakes, pies, pastries, ice cream and much, much more...... Its distinctive flavor is obtained by steeping vanilla pods in a mixture of water and alcohol/non-alcoholic base. Coumarin and sugar free, this precious gift of nature is produced in Mexico, the motherland of the Vanilla bean, famous around the world as one of the finest and most used aromatic spices.




We are proud to announce the availability of  Mexican Vanilla Essence / Alcohol Free. We are the first Mexican company to produce this exclusive product. This alcohol free vanilla essence was developed for customers who prefers to eliminate alcohol from favorite recipes without compromising on flavor. The delicate flavor of this pure vanilla has another great advantage in that its flavor will be maintained even under high baking temperatures. Although it can be used in any recipe that calls for vanilla, it is ideal in thin cookies, candy making, and other high temperature baking.


We are also proud to announce the availability of  Mexican Vanilla Powder. We are the first Mexican company to produce this exclusive product. This vanilla powder is made with 100% pure vanilla bean powder and deliciously flavored with sucrose. It can be sprinkled on waffles, fresh fruit,  cappuccinos ,hot chocolate mix with fresh cocoa, spiced mocha mix, or use it as a light glaze, and much more.









Our Blue Agave nectar is a tasty, natural sweetener harvested from the blue agave plant which is grown only in the fertile hills of Jalisco, Mexico. Its light and delicious taste, combined with its low glycemic index, makes it the ideal healthy sweetening choice for all your daily uses. According to research done by various universities, because of its slow absorption in the body, it does not cause the highs and lows common with other sweeteners and is thus considered most suitable for diabetics. Use to sweeten coffee, tea or in recipes for baking, desserts or add to your cereal and milk as it dissolves quite easily. In recipes, use 25% less agave nectar and lessen any liquids to about 1/3.



Only the best of ingredients are used to make our chocolate spread, which  produces this superb tasting, nutritious product. Delicious and creamy cocoa is blended with milk, Mexican vanilla extract, cinnamon and sweetened with agave nectar, resulting in a tasty, satisfying and healthful spread which can be enjoyed by the entire family. Use on breads, crackers, biscuits, waffles and crepes.




We will be launching soft drinks with the Agave Nectar that will be healthy and refreshing. The soft drink is currently  manufactured in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Coming soon.





Our sister company, Gator Ice Cream is currently producing ice cream with Agave Nectar. Gator Ice Cream is one of the largest ice cream producers in the east coast. During the football season, approximately 90,000 spectators enjoy Gator ice cream at the University of Florida Gator games. Currently, our ice cream is available in northern Florida and South Georgia.



We will be launching our specially formulated cookies sweetened with the Agave nectar very soon. We will be launching approximately 10 different flavors of cookies manufactured in Guadalajara, Mexico.





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